Busy Day But Nothing Much to Show!

Title Says It All! Seriously I Feel Like I Did So Much Today Yet I Didn’t Get Anything Accomplished! I Hate These Days! Well Jereme Drew a Snail Onto Some Fabric and Today I Sewed it Up for Him to Sell On his Etsy Shop! I Think Its Adorable! I Sure Hope He Makes More!
I Then Decided My Sewing Machine Is Out I Might As Well Attempt to Do Some Other Sewing So 3 Projects Down and Nothing Came Out the Way I Wanted it To So I Then Silk Screened Some Deers and Turned Them into Plushies I Haven’t Made Any for the Shop In Forever! I Put One in the Shop Up Now And Tomorrow I’ll Have 2 More To Put In And Crossing My Fingers Some Other Goodness!
I Went to Joanns Today To Try and Figure Out Some New Ideas to Make. And I Got Something Amazing But I Haven’t Figured Out How to Use it So I’ll Tell You All About it Tomorrow! I Hope It Works! 🙂 I Also Bought Some Modge Podge Since I’m Going to Make Mini Rose Paintings Like the One I Sold at the Gallery They Will Be For Sale In My Shop this Week! Im Super Excited to Make Them So I’ll Be Doing that Tomorrow As Well!
Yesterday I Added Some Goodies to the Etsy Shop A Couple of New Cowls and Some Misc Things!
I Meant to Write a Blog But as Soon as I Got to the Website I Knocked Out So Tired! Were Doing Super Good at the Gym! We’ve Been Going On 6 Days Now for 2 Hours Each Day So I Can’t Wait to See Results! Only 84 Days To Go! Lets Hope it Goes By Fast! 🙂
I’m Going to Make Some Ice Cream Cone Plushies Tomorrow As Well Which I’m Super Happy About I Didn’t Even Get a Chance to Post Any In My Etsy Shop During the Christmas Season So I’ll Be Super Happy to Post About them Tomorrow As Well! Woohoo!
The Weather Has Been Insanely Beautiful Lately So Sunny! Makes Me Want to Get Out of the House and Do Something Awesome! Tomorrow Were Taking Moo For a Walk So that Should Be Fun! Oh Did I Mention I Made Her a Mini Scarf? She Got One for Her Bday from My Parents They Found at Walmart So Tonight I Attempted to Make One It Turned Out Pretty Cute! And Shocking She Loves the Scarfs! lol! 🙂
Okay Another Blabbing I Hope Everyone is Doing Amazing! I Have an Idea of Doing an Interview of a Crafter or Artist or Photographer a Week and Post The Interview and Photos and Links and Info On My Blog I Think it Would Be Super FUN! If Your Interested Let Me Know! Id LOVE To Have You on My Blog!! 😀
Oh And Don’t Forget 2 More Days Till the Giveaway Is Done So Keep a Look Out!

Lots of Love,


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