So Sleepy!

Ah So I’m Writing This Blog Real Quick Because I’m Exhausted I’ve Been Trying to Post a New Blog With Updates on Whats Being Going On and New Items But I Usually Go On After We Come Home From the Gym and By Then Im so Sleepy I Fall Asleep Literally In Bed With My Lap On My Lap and Lights On. lol! So I’m a Day Late on My Updates!

Anyhow! I Had a Fun Valentines Day Yesterday! And it Was Miss Mollys Birthday As Well! We Took Her For a Walk By the Water and She Barked At Dogs And Was Super Happy and Opened Presents and Had to Much Cake! lol! But It Was Super Great Times! Jereme Got Me Some Pancakes in the Morning! He Bought Me a Cute Hello Kitty Beanie Baby and a New Charm For My Bracelet! It’s a Polaroid Camera!! So Awesome! And A Cute Beaded Bracelet and Some Candy and Flowers! Woot! I Got Him a New American Apparel Hoodie He’s Been Wanting and a Bats for Lashes CD and Some Candy and Kidrobot Toys! So I Think We All Had a Great Day! 🙂

I Hope Everyone Had a Great Valentines Day Too!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So Today We Went Shopping I Forgot the Valentines Day Stuff at Target Went On Clearance Today So I Was ALL OVER That Seriously ALL OVER IT! I Got 2 New Fluffy Fur Pink Blankets and A Couple Small Heart Fluffy Fur Pink Pillows and Some Cute Glitter Heart Plates and Bowls. Some Amazing Lollipops! And a Super Cute Heart Bath Rug! Probably More Things But I Can’t Remember Right Now! lol! Then We Went to the Mall And I Found Some Super Cute Glitter Heart Coin Purses! I’m Going to Do Another Giveaway for Those Soon!! 🙂 I Also Got Some Hot Pink Ballet Flats at Hot Topic for $5! And They Have Cute Piano Keys On Them! I’ll Have More Photos of the Goodness I Got Today on Tomorrows Blog I Promise! 🙂

Tomorrow Is Going to Be A Strict Craft Day! Well First I’m Going to the Post Office Then Craft My Butt Off I Have Tons of New Projects to Get Done and I’m Helping Jereme Do Some Sewing for His Etsy Shop So That Should Be Fun! And Were Going to Finally Watch UP! And Eat Some Tofu Shake and Bake! Yum-O! 🙂 So i Guess I Will See You Tomorrow! Here Are Some Photos from Valentines Day! 🙂

Lots of Love,


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