Ah! I’ve Been Slacking on the Good Ol’ Blog! I’m Back in Action I Promise!! So I’m Going to Explain What Happened Yesterday! Well Me and Jereme And My Family Went to The Love Art Show In Portland Where We Submitted Some Pieces of Work! I Submitted the Big Painting/Collage Felt Rose and Tissue Paper Piece! So We Got There Around 7:30pm and It Started at 7:00pm and It was Super Busy It Was Great!! I Didn’t Think Lots of People Would Show Up But They Did and Thats Cool! There Was A Huge Array Of Artwork! I Loved This One Painting of Frankenstien Someone Did It was Bright Pink and Amazing I Wish I Took a Photo of It But I Wasn’t Sure If I Could Or Not. Anyhow We Went And Found Our Paintings and Mine Sold Already! Yay! We Didn’t Know It Sold Until We Went By It and Someone Was Looking At it And They Were Aw It Sold! 😀 Yay! So Excited!!!! Heres A Few Photos of The Night Sorry For the Horrible One of Me I Felt Awkward Standing By It hahaha WooHoo Red Dot Means Sold! SCORE! Jeremes Painting! It Has Lyrics from Sentimental Heart! Jereme! 😀

It Was Super Fun and a Great Opening Party!! But If You Are in the Portland, OR Area The Gallery Is Up for a Whole Month! If You Go Here You Can Get More Info On How to Get There!! 😀 And There Will be a Closing Party Next Month Which Should Be Super Fun!!

Thats Mainly What We Did Yesterday Although We Did Go To Target Like We Do Atleast Twice A Week. 🙂 I Got Some Awesome Ribbon and 100 Bubble Wrap Mailing Envelopes for a Mere $12!!! On Clearance AMAZING!! Stacey Gave Me the 411 That They Were on Sale!! WooHoo!! Thanks!!! 😀

Anyhow! It Was a Fun Day!! And We Went to Dennys!! I Had A Cheese Omelet and Some Toast I Swear Their Toast is the Best Ever! 😀 OH And Me And Jereme Started Our 24 Hour Fitness Membership Yesterday!!! We Went From 10:30pm-12:30am! It Was So Much Fun!! I Just LOVE It! Were Going to Go Everday For atleast 2 Hours! Yes!! 😀 Okiedokie Im Going to Write a Seperate Post for What Happened Today Since I Didnt Want this to Be to Photo Heavy! ;D I Hope Everyone is Doing Amazing!!


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