It’s 4:44 in the am And I’m Just Now Going to Bed!

I’ve Been Busy Getting Orders Ready to Be Shipped Out and Here is Proof Of My Progress! Yay!
I Just Finished My Horrible Hand Made Valentines Day Cards for the Swap! Seriously I’m Pretty Okay at Most Crafts and What Not But When it Comes to Paper Crafts Holy Crap Everything I Make Turns Out Looking Like It Was Made By a 2 Year Old! Yowzas People are Going to Laugh When They Get Mine! lol! Oh And Not to Mention I Couldn’t Find Any Envelopes and I Lost My Envelope Maker So I Decided to Use Brown Lunch Bags And Turn Them Into Envelopes! Ha! Oh Man! Sorry to Those Who Are Involved in the Card Swap!
Anyhow I Got My Purple Scarf Done All the Photos Turned Out Horrible of It But Here is One Just So You Can See It Done! Tomorrow well I Guess ‘Today’ Ill Have Better Photos and It’ll Be in the Shop for Sale! πŸ™‚
Today Me and Jereme Are Going to Portland To Get Some Valentines Day Goodness And Then Post Office, Then Relaxing and Crafting! Not to Mention its Suppose to Be Sunny Tomorrow Yay! Then the Rain Begins on Wednesday Boo! Oh and I Got a Pro Account for My Flickr Today! SCORE!! Okiedokie I’ll Write More Later!
Have a Fantastic Tuesday! Oh And I Should Have the Tutorial Up Today For Sure!!

Lots of Love,
xo, Sarah*


4 thoughts on “It’s 4:44 in the am And I’m Just Now Going to Bed!

  1. awe thanks! im so horrible at paper crafts! lol! i got it done within minutes lol next year im so buying ones! πŸ™‚ but i was happy with the lunch bags for envelopes so thats a keeper πŸ™‚ oh and ps: youre present comes tomorrow!!

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