Lazy Sunday!

Today I Was a Bit Lazy But Hey it’s Sunday and I Think Sundays are Made to Be Lazy Days! Plus it Was the Super Bowl and I’m Not a Big Fan of Football So I Just Watched Some Fraiser Dvds and Everybody Loves Raymond Dvds While Finishing Up Some Flower Headband Orders! And Might I Say I’m Now Officially Done Making the Headbands that Were Ordred! woohoo!
I Even Managed to Make 2 New Ones for the Shop One Baby Blue One and One Vanilla Bean One! So Cute! I Also Made a Couple of Mini Rose Pins to Pin On Your Cardigan or Anything Really! I’m Adding Them to To The Shop As Soon as I’m Done Typing,
Then I’m Off to Figure Out How To Possibly Ship The Headbands without Them Getting Messed Up! Arg! So I’ll Be Doing that the Rest of the Night! I Got Some New Colors of Yarn Today Not that I Need More But I Really Wanted the Red Yarn then I Saw the Purple and Thought It Was Super Fun So I Got That As Well! 🙂 No More Yarn for Me I Swear! lol! 🙂 Speaking of Yarn I’m ALMOST SO CLOSE to Being Finished with The Purple Scarf But I’m Trying to Focus on Packages Before I Finish it Up! Poop! Tomorrow Though I’m Finally Going to Be Able to Work on a New Tutorial! Yes! I Forgot About that Cutie Pie Pink Donut Box I Got at the Store So I’m Excited to Show You What to Do With It! So If You Find One of Those Boxes at Your Grocery Store Keep It and Watch Out for the Tutorial On Tuesday! Deal? 🙂 K Good! Alrighty O I’ll Be Back for Another Late Night Post! So I Hope Everyone Had a Great Night! And Thanks Again for the New Giveaway Entrys!! I’m SO Excited to Find Out Who Wins!! 😀

Lots of Love,


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