Felt Roses Were Coming Out of My Ears Today..

Yes It’s True All I Did Today Was Make Loads of Felt Rose Headbands! I Got a Bunch of Orders and I Was Gettin’ Down to Biz-Nass! 🙂 (ps: thank you SO entirely much everyone who purchased one it made my month!!) I Only Got to Make One New One for the Shop I Was Running Out of Time So Tomorrow I’m Making Some More Fun New Colors for the Shop Tomorrow! WooHoo! Including a Beautiful Baby Blue One!! I’m Also Make Big Rose Brooches! Those Will Be For Sale in the Shop Tomorrow As Well! Yay!

I Managed to Get My Vanilla Bean I Like to Call it! ha! 😀 Cowl Done Today! So One Down 9 More to Go! Woohoo It’ll Be in the Shop Tonight I’m Listing it Right After This! Yay! I Also Got Half of a Deep Purple Cowl One Done too! Hopefully I Can Finish that Up Tonight!
Anyhow That’s What I Did Today! I Got a Brand New Glue Gun!! I’m So Thrilled It’s Crazy!! and I Got LOTS of New Felt!! And Some Cute Sushi Erasers that I’ll Be Turning into Necklaces Asap!! Woohooey! Is it Bad that I’m Overly Excited About My New Glue Gun? 🙂 It’s Amazing It’s Gynormous But Still Takes the Little Glue Sticks So I’m So Excited In the Past I’ve Been Getting the Mini Glue Guns at the Dollar Tree And The Worked Not to Bad Really! But My Beautiful Mini Pink Glue Gun Died Today May She Rest in Peace! :[ Sadness. Okiedokie I’m Talking to Much About My Love for Glue Guns I Better Get Down to Updating the Ol’ Etsy Shop! I’ll Write More After!! 🙂 And Thanks To Everyone Who Has Entered My Giveaway!!! YAY!!

Lots of Love,


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