Eventful Day!

So Today As I Mentioned in My Last Blog I Went to A Wedding MY SISTERS Wedding! Well Technicaly this isn’t Her ‘Real’ Wedding It’s a ‘Quickie Wedding’ As She Calls It! Her Now Husband is From England and They Have to Do A Bunch of Paper Work to Make Him Legal and One of the Things To Do was To Get Married in 3 Months So They Decided to Do It Right Away So That Will Be Out of the Way. Then There Will Be a ‘Real’ Wedding in England Next Year Which I’m Super Excited About! Anyhow! We Went to the Courthouse and Got it Done in Mere Minutes! And The Judge Guy Let Me Go Up to the Top Where the Judge Sits for Court To Take Photos of Them! Here I’am at the Judge Area Techincally i Was Way Up at the Top Where the Chair Was But I Was Nervous Going Back There to Take Another Photo of Me! lol! πŸ˜€

And Afterwards Jereme Took A Quick Photo of My Family and Their Somebodys Outside the Court House, Notice I’m the Only Weird One, and the Only One in Bright Colors! ha!
And Here is a Photo of the Newly Married Couple with Their Certificate! haha!

Oh I Should Have Said This Before I Talked About the Wedding to Be In Order But Well We Went This Afternoon to Drop off Our Paintings for the Art Show Next Friday and I Must Say I Love You Portland But Your Insane Bridges Scare the Bajesus Out of Me!

But i Must Say Portland, OR These Amazing Flags Did Cheer Me Up!

Oh And We Listened to These Guys While Getting Around Insane Portland Construction Traffic

And Maybe I’m Just Immature But This Sign I Saw Was Great, I Was Half Tempted to Call It Just Because!

So Anyhow Today Was Quite Eventful! And Jereme Even Surprised Me with an Early Valentines Day Present Yesterday! This Super Cute Ring from Etsy I’m Not Sure Who the Seller Is But it’s Stinkin Cute!
And I Forgot to Mention I Purchased 20 Balls of Amazing Chunky Yarn Tonight to Make Some Pretty Awesome Cowls That Should Be in the Shop Starting Tomorrow for the Next Few Days!

Now I’am Off to Bed Although I Might Squeeze in a Few WeHeartIt Favorite Images On Here Before I Hit The Hay! πŸ™‚ I Hope Everyone Had a Great Day! I Noticed I’ve Got A Lot More Views On My Blog and I Want to Thank You Guys So much for Reading It Means the World to Me Seriously! If You Have a Blog Write it in the Comments I’d LOVE To Read It I Can Also Post Your Link on My Blog As Well!! πŸ™‚

Tons of Love,


3 thoughts on “Eventful Day!

  1. Congratulations to your sister!
    It looks like it was a fun day for you guys!

    Jereme sounds so sweet–you’re so lucky to have such a great boyfriend!

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