im back im back im back!!

woohoo! My Internet is Back in Action! Yay! That Means More Blogging, and More Updates on Etsy! I’m So Thrilled! I’ve Been Making a Bunch of New Projects and I’m Super Excited to Show Them and Add Them to the Shop! 🙂 Well Today Me and Jereme Went to Portland to Drop off Our Paintings for the Love Art Show in Portland, OR Yeah We Realized we Forgot to Fill Out a Paper So We Have to Go Back Tomorrow to Drop it Off! So We Decided to Go to Urban Outfitters and Found Some Fun Treasures! I FINALLY Got My Heidi Kenney for Kidrobot Donut Pillow!! Yay! It has Pink Frosting and Sprinkles it is AMAZING! I Plan on Getting the Chocolate Donut Pillow Next Week! 🙂 She Even Makes Gigantic Ones As Well that I Just Might Have to Purchase Once I Get My Income Tax Money! 🙂 Which is Hopefully Next Week! 🙂 I’m Crossing My Fingers! 🙂
Well I Also Found a Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Mini Bank! And it Was on Clearance So I Was ALL Over That! And I Got a Ceramic Polaorid Camera! It’s Beautiful! It’s Normally $58.00 and I Got it for A Shocking $9.99! I Think It’s Going to Look Great On Top of Some Books on My Shelf! Jereme Got Some Thermal Shirts and Some Notebooks and Other Goodness. Then We Went to Hawthorne and Did Some Shopping there But it Was Freeeeezing Cold, Mainly Because the Wind Was Insanely Cold. :[ Then I Mailed Out Some More Packages and Then I Replaced the Old Modem with the New one and Now I’am Magically on the Internetssss hehe I’m So Happy!! Anyways! I’m Going to Go!! I’m Sure I’ll Be Back Tonight for a Small Post! 😀 So I’ll See you Then!

Lots of Love,

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