My Internet is Down for a Whole 3-5 Days!

I Know I’m Pathetic I Feel So Horrible When My Internet is Down Like I’m Out of the Loop! lol! But My Modem Broke Down So They Are Sending Me a New One Thank Goodness But it Won’t Be Here for 3-5 Days! I’m Over at My Boyfriends Apartment Using His Internet Thank Goodness To Catch Up on Etsy Orders and Blogs and What Not! WooHoo! So Today I’ve Just Been at Home Cleaning the Craft Room as Well as Taking New Photos of Merch that I Absolutley Will Have Up in the Etsy Shop Tomorrow! Not Sure When Tomorrow But for Sure Tomorrow! Today I Was Bored and Made Some Lovely Felt Flower Headbands! They Felt Flower Is Gynormous But I Just Love It! I Have BUNCH Of Different Colors for You to Choose From So I Hope You Like Them! It Was Just a Fun Random Project!

Oh and Did I Mention I Applied for Crafty Wonderlands Super Collosal Spring Show? I Hope I Get In!!! I’m Sure Crossing My Fingers and Toes!! It’s a 2 Day Even This Year and I’m Overly Excited About It!! I Find Out March 1st So If You Don’t Mind Crossing Your Fingers that Would Be Fantastic!!
Okay Well I Have to Go Back Home and Get Orders Made and I’ll Be Back to Tomorrow For Some More Updates on My Etsy Shop! WooHoo! Oh And Thank You Guys SO SO SO Much for Entering My Giveaway How AMAZING Are You Guys!!! I Was Worried No One Would Enter! lol! 🙂 Thanks Again and I Hope Everyone is Having a Fantastic Monday!!

Lots and Lots of Love!


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