A Tiny Bit of Thrifting, Ice Cream Cone Banks, Shoes, and A Gray Cowl!

So Today Was GREAT! I Woke Up at 11am! Which is Super Early For Me Seriously! Anyhow I Woke Up and the UPS Guy Came and Delivered the Last of My Ice Cream Cone Banks! I Got the Chocolate Cone Which Reminds Me of My Favorite Chocolate Dip Cone! Oh Bebe! hehe And I Got My Yummy Strawberry Ice Cream Cone! So CUTE! I Think I Lied I’m Going to Order a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone the Same Style as this Pink One Because it Reminds Me of My Favorite Extreme Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cone from Baskin Robins! YES! So I’ll Be Ordering that One Next Week! πŸ˜€

So Me and Jereme Went to the Post Office to Mail Off a Bunch of Packages then Molly Got Her Nails Trimmed at the Vet! Shes So Scared of the Vet its Cute! lol! Then We Went to Joanns And I Purchased 2 More Colors of Yarn to Make Cowls! I Got Grey and Pink! I Finished the Grey Cowl Here it Is! I LOVE It! It’s Super Unisex So Guys Can Wear it Too! I’m Half Way Done with the Pink One So Tomorrow I’ll Show Photos!

After Joanns We Went To Target And I Got These Amazing Shoes for $6.24 A Pair! How Awesome! I Just Love Them So Girlie Yet Almost a Vintage Twist and So Comfy! I Had to Get the Magenta then I Spotted the Black and Grabbed them Before the Old Lady Next to Me Did! lol!

Then We Went to Paws and Claws which is A Thrift Store that All The Money Recieved Goes to the Humane Societys! WooHoo! And I Found the Most Amazing Owl Clock FOR $2!!! OMG! I LOVE IT I Also Got a Bunch of Fun Vintage Trims for Dirt Cheap!! And I Even Got This SUPER Cute Pink Bear Head! And This Cow Head! lol! I LOVE Them Both So Much! Were Going to Give the Cow Head to Jeremes Grandma Who Has a Dairy Farm! πŸ˜€

THEN When I Got Home My Mom Had Bought Me 6 Cute Clip Boards from Dollar Tree! I Hung Them On My Wall and I Plan on Clipping To Do List’s, Goals, Inspiration Photo’s, Projects, Etc On Them! I Got the Idea from Elsie’s (a beautiful mess) Craft School Project! So Cute! πŸ˜€

Okiedokie! That’s All for Right Now! πŸ˜€ I’m Going to Try and Finish Up the Pink Cowl! Tomorrow I’m Going to Teach My Friend To Knit! So That Should Be Fun! πŸ™‚




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