Sequin Ball Tutorial!

My Very First Tutorial!! I’m So Excited! So Excited I Stayed Up till Almost 5 in the Morning to Work and Finish It! WooHoo!

So Here We Go!

Project #1 A Beautiful Sequin Hanging Ball! Perfect to Decorate Your House With or Even A Fun Ornament Project as Well!

What You’ll Need:

A Styrafoam Ball! (I Got a Great Package of 5 at the Dollar Tree!)
A Colorful Array of Sequins! (Found at Joanns!)
Straight Pins! (Any Craft Store!)

Step #1: Choose Your Size of Styrafoam Ball To Use! Make Sure the Ball is Bigger then the Length of the Pin!

Step #2: Grab a Pin and Start Sliding Some Sequins On It! Start with the Smallest First and Start Stacking!

Step #3: Push the Pin with the Lovely Sequins Into the Styrafoam Ball! And Just Keep Repeating these Steps!

Step #4: Keep Pin’ing Those Pins into the Ball Until the Whole Ball is Covered with Sequin Pins!

Finale!! Heres the Finished Product! At the End I Cut a Piece of Ribbon and Simply Used 2 of the Pins and Pinned the Ribbon to the Ball So It’s Nice and Snug and Can Be Hung Anywhere!

Hope It Was Super Fun for You as It was For Me!

If You Have Any Questions Do Ask Away!

*If You Don’t Feel Like Making One I Do Have This One in the Shop for Sale! Click Here!



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