Holy Cowl!

haha! Sorry Holy Cowl Just Came to My Head and I Think that Was the Name to One of My Previous Blogs But Anywho! I Went the Craft Store Today and Jereme Purchased Me Some Size 19 Knitting Needles and Some Super Thick and Chunky Yarn its a Beautiful Syracuse Orange Which reminds me of a Cute Pumpkin! I LOVE IT! I Only Got One Ball of Yarn Thinking it Would Be Enough to Make a Cowl But it Made Half of the Cowl Exactally So Tomorrow Im Getting Another Ball of Yarn So I Can Finish It! Its SO Amazing How Easy The Gigantic Knitting Needles Knit! I Got Done Literally in About 30 Mins! Amazing and its So Chunky and Thick and SO SOFT!! The Photos Don’t Show How Gigantic and Thick and Beautiful it is. Tomorrow I’ll Take Much Better Photos When It’s Done! I’m Going to Attempt to Sell them On My Etsy Shop if All Goes Well! 😀 Well That Was About All I Did Nothing Much Today! I Tried Making My First Tutorial But I Just Couldn’t Take Any Good Photos! But I’m Going to Try Again Tomorrow! 🙂 Okay Well I’ll Write More Tomorrow! 🙂



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