Knit Wit!

So Today While Searching for Craft Supplies in the Piles of My Craft Room I Found My Square Knit Wit Tool! I Forgot How to Use Them So I Looked Online and Found the Instructions and I Did 30 of Them! lol! They are So Easy to Make and So Quick its Crazy and If I Didn’t Keep Getting Distracted I Would Have Gotten Probably Double of Them Done! I Decided to Try and Make 15 Of Each Color and Sew Them Together To Make a Small Throw! So Far I Got 2 Done Purple, and Yellow! I Plan on Doing About 20 Different Colors! And then Putting Them Probably In Checkerboard Pattern to make it a Vintage Style! We’ll See! I’m Super Excited! I’m Going to Start Working on Another Color Right After this Blog! Woohoo!

Well That’s About All I Did Today! Quite Unproductive But It was a Nice Lazy Day! I Even Woke Up at 2pm! It Was Nice! And My Mom Made Us Spaghetti Which Was Even Better! BUT Tomorrow I Swear I’m Going to Be Productive! πŸ˜€ I Plan on Empty-ing Out the Craft Room and Moving Everything to My Room Then I Can Atleast Have Everything in My Room to Sort Out and Put it, In it’s New Place! πŸ™‚ So Cross Your Fingers I Do, Do That!

Well Here is a Couple of Photos of Me and My Squares, Again Apologize for the Messy Me, I Was in Jammies All Day! Woohoo! Ha! Oh And The Throw Won’t Be Just Purple and Yellow Checkers as Shown I Was Just Playing Around! heh! πŸ˜€

Till Tomorrow! GoodNite!


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