Okay So Dress Week Has Become a Disaster the Weather Has Been Horrible Here Lately and I’ve Been Lazy and Working on My Room So I’ve Been a Bit Busy So I’m Hoping Dress Week Will Move to Next Week. So One of those Cutie Pie Dresses Will Have to Wait!

So I Totally Forgot Me and Jereme Signed Up to Have a Painting in this Love Show in Portland, OR and I Decided to Whip One Up. Its Not Really a Painting… I Don’t Know its More of a Collage I used Lots of Different Kinds of Tissue Paper and Pasted them Onto the Canvas All Bumpy Looking and Then Made Some of My Felt Roses and Sewed Them On and Painted Dark Green Stems! It’s SO SO SO NOT DONE Yet I Have to Paint the White Empty Spots and I’m Going to Paint the Edges of the Canvas a Really Bright Gold to Give it Some Kick. So I’ll Make Sure to Post a New Photo Of It Soon! It’s About 4 Feet Wide! I Think It Looks Alright! We’ll See! Ha!

Oh And Did I Mention I Started a Lil’ Bizness with My Friend Savannah! We Are Making Custom TuTus You Should Really Check Us Out! Heres A Photo from Todays Shoot with Her Adorable Daughter Keilana! I LOVE Her So Much!

Hope You’re Swell!


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