Super Fun Day!

So I’ve Been Lacking Blogging Lately! Oh Boy! But Im Happy Im Back!! So Today was Busy! We Went All Over the Place But We Started Out Going Downtown Vancouver on Main Street To Look at Vacant Retail Spaces! WHY? You Ask! Because Me and Jereme are Looking into Opening a Store! Thats Right a STORE! Holy Cow! We’ll Be Selling Local Artists Goods as Well as Etsy Folks Goods and Other Fun Items Like Vinyl Toys and All Kinds of Goodness! And We Decided To Call it ‘Faux Bois’ So Awesome! We Even went to Ikea to Pick Out Furniture for the Store! Tomorrow We Are Going to Sign Up for Business License then as Soon as We Get that Were Going to Talk to Some Banks to See if We Will Get Accepted for a Business Loan and Where to go From There! I Sure Hope it Happens We Would Be So Happy!! Well We Found a Perfect Available Space and its on a Good Part of Main Street and We Just Have a All Around good Feeling About it It Definately Needs Some Work New Paint and What Not But it Will Be Amazing If We Are Able to Get Our Hands On It! πŸ™‚ Heres a Photo! πŸ™‚

Next We Decided to Stop at Some Antique Stores that Were Near the Vacant Store and I Found a Vintage Metal Toy Refrigerator!!! I Had to Buy and I Did! It Has Shelves inside and Im Going to Store Craft Goods in It! πŸ™‚ Im So Happy With It!!
Next We Went to Starbucks and Jereme Purchased this Adorable Travel Tumbler for Me! It Has DEERS on It!! Plus Little Mushrooms and Bunnies How Cute is That! πŸ˜€

After that We Came Home and I Got My Awesome New Camera in the Mail!! Its a Brown Fuji Instax Mini 7s Camera!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Im Still Trying to Figure out Which Option I Should Use But I Just LOVE It! Heres Some Photos!!

And What Did I Do! I Of Course Put the Photos onto My New Mini Fridge! πŸ˜€

So All in All it Was a Super Fun Day! And I Even Got to Go to Panera and Get Some Tasty Brocolli and Cheddar Soup! YUM! πŸ˜€ Right Now Im Working on Packages to Be Mailed Out Tomorrow! Tomorrow We Are Going to the Post Office, and To Go Downtown to Take Some Photos! Take Molly for A Walk if the Weather Allows! And Go Get Me a New Bed Frame at Ikea with My Parents! Yay! So More Blogging Tomorrow!

I Leave You with This Photo of Me with My New Juicy Couture CLUE! Ha! Its Amazing And Super Fun and Funny Thing is I Had a Crazy Dream About it Last Night! lol!

Well Goodnite Loves



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