So I Bought Some Thread Floce Goodness and a Embroidery Loom and I Decided to try my hand at it! I’ve done it before but with Patterns and never finished so i thought maybe if i start little it might happen? lol! Anyhow! I DId a Cute Little Chubby Owl and I wrote ‘hoot’ underneath him and I thought i would make it a pillow so i hand sewed it onto some mustard felt then hand sewed it to some vintage floral fabric and bada-bing-bada-boom a owl pillow has been born!!! 🙂 so what do you think of it? 🙂
i already have lots of other ideas to embroider so im super excited about it! lots of cute tiny pillows in the shop? i think YES! hehe.
Anyways Today I Cleaned Some of the Room. and Watched My Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs and Thats About it a Very LAZY Monday! Tomorrow Im Off to the Post Office and Back to Organizing the Room! 🙂

Until Tomorrow Goodnite!



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