What’s In My Bag..

So I See Everyhing one is Doing the ‘Whats in My Bag’ Posts on Their Blog So I Thought I’d Give it a Try! I Think I’m Going to Do it Once a Week to See if Anything Changes! 🙂

So Here it Is!..

This is One of My Favorite Betsey Johnson Purses I Have! Actually it was My First Betsey Johnson Purse I Bought I’ve Had Betseyville Before it But Really Wanted a Betsey Johnson One. So Yes I LOVE It! 🙂 And Well I Have My Essentials.. Tums! (lol!) My Inahaleur (asthma!), My New TokiDoki Headphones I Got for Only $19!!, My New Owl Key Cover I Haven’t Opened It Yet I Really Need to! My Cell Phone! My Hello Kitty Planner! And My Ipod Touch! My Cute Little Coach Wallet Jereme Got Me for Christmas! And My Keys With an EXTRA Large Faux Diamond Juicy Couture Ring Keychain So I Can Find My Keys haha! And Two Pairs of Gloves! 🙂

Oh and PS: This is What’s Playing on My Ipod! SPICE GIRLS of Course! 😀

Okay Well I Hope You Enjoyed My Mess!



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