Cupcake/Gallery Day Photo Update + Day 3/4 Photo of the Year!

So Yesterday I Posted About My Fun Times Getting Cupcakes and Going to Galleries But I Didn’t Have My Camera to Upload Photos Now I Do! SO Here Are Some Photos from Yesterday! šŸ™‚
My Noodles I Got at Noodle & Company Its Called ‘Penne Rosa’ and I Got it With Tofu and Put Some Yummy Rooster Sauce On It!Jereme and His Food! šŸ™‚Jeremes Noodle Dish!Cupcake Jones Box!Our Beautiful Cupcakes These Were Called ‘The Pearl’

Today I Made Some Tissue Paper Flower Haning Balls? I Don’t Know the EXACT Name for Them So Yeah… lol! Well I Had Bought Some Tissue Paper at the Dollar Tree Just So I Can Practice Making Them and It Didnt Come with To Much of the Same Color of Tissue Paper So I Just Decided to Make Multi Hanging Balls And I Think They Turned Out Cute Very Festive! I LOVE How the Pastel Ones Turned Out and I Plan On Getting Some More of the Pastel Tissue Paper And Making More Multi Color Ones as Well As Some Plain Ones Too! šŸ™‚ So Anyhow Here is the Outcome of Them! šŸ™‚

I Used Clear Thread to Hang Them Up So They Look Like They are Floating! Super Fun I Want to Make A TON More and Just Load Up the Window Seat With Them! šŸ™‚

Anyhow Today I made The Flower Balls and Cleaned My Room A Bit But My Teeth Were Hurting Me SUPER Bad Today and It Gives Me Migraines So I Took Lots of Naps and Rested and Tyneol Thank GOD! šŸ™‚ Then We Went to Jeremes Parents House to Play Star Wars Trouble with His Brothers! His Brother is Going Back to School Tomorrow So We Wanted to See Him Before He Left! It Was Super Fun!

Well Im Off to Bed! Ill Write More Tomorrow!



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