Art Gallery Day

So Me And Jereme Went to Portland in the Pearl District and Went to a Couple of Art Galleries Since He Had to Go for One of His Classes He Is Taking for School. And it Rained and Was FREEEEEZING But We Still Had a Good Time! We ate at Noodle & Company and Had the Best Noodles with Tofu! SO Good! Then We Went to the Galleries and then Went to Cupcake Jones for Some Cupcakes and Even Brought Home Molly Some Doggy Cupcakes! So Cute! The Cupcakes are SO Stinkin Pretty But We Didn’t Really Care for the Taste it Almost Tasted Like Cornbread BLAH! But They Were Pretty. Anywho Jereme Has My Camera Still in His Back Pack So I Can’t Upload the Photos Yet Until Tomorrow So Keep a Look Out for tomorrow for the Photos! 🙂

In Other News We are Still Working On My Rooom A Little Bit Of Improvements are Showing But Still A Bajillion More things to do! Not to Mention its Been Pretty Hard Since My Wisdom Teeth are Growing in On Both Sides at the Same Time So My Right Side of My Face Feels Like Its Inflated to the Max! hahaha It Sucks So Bad It Hurts SO SO SO SO SO SO Bad But I Know as Soon as they Just Poke Out Ill Feel So Much Better (Since that Happened When They Came in On My Left Side of My Mouth!) Bleh! So Yeah Thats What Todays Been WELL Technically Yesterday Day Was.

Today Im Going to Work on My Room While Jereme is at Work Till 6pm! Yowza I Might Sleep In which is usually a Definate that I Will Sleep in. 🙂

Alright Ill Be Back to Upload Photos Tonight!



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