Photo 3 of the Year!

SO I Really Want to Try Knitting a Blanket Like Knitting A Bunch of Long Panels in Different Colors then Knitting them Together So I Got One Panel Made and I Decided it Works Great as a Huge Scarf! So I Decided to Wear it Out Today and its Quite Warm So Now Im Contemplating on Whether to Just Make More Scarfs Like This and See if They Will Sell in the Shop But I’m Thinking I’ll Put this One for Sale in the Shop and Until It Sells (if it sells) Ill Keep Knitting More Panels! 🙂 If that Made Sense! lol! Anyhow Here is the Photo its My 3rd One of the Year! Yay!

So Tomorrow Is a HUGE Organization Day for My Crafting! Well My Aunt is Moving Here from Guam in April I Believe if All Works Out Were Not 100% Positive She is or Not! But Anyways I Have to Clean Out My Craft Room Which Use to Be My Sisters Room then She Moved Out. So I Have to Move ALL Of My Craft Mess into My Room So We Are Going to Re-Arrange My Whole Room and Make it Super Nice and Organized and Have All My Craft Supplies Organized Im Super Excited! 🙂 Although Its Going to Be A LOT Of Work! Well I Got A Few Organizing Tubs and Baskets from the Dollar Tree Tonight That Are Super Cute and For A Buck HELLO DEAL! 😀 Heres a Photo!
I Also Got Some Tissue Paper Im Going to Try and Make Big Tissue Paper Hanging Flowers! We’ll See How That Goes! Maybe Ill Make A Tutorial? That’d Be Fun!! Oh Well Anyways! lol! My Aunt Is Going to Stay in the ‘Craft Room’ Until She Finds an Apartment Which Shouldn’t Take Long But Who Knows But I Hope She Does Move Here it Would Be AWESOME To Have a Relative in the Same State As Us Let Alone the Same City! 😀

Okay Well I’m Off to Bed LONG Day Tomorrow I’ll Take Some Before Shots!!



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