Last Day of the Year 2009

How CRAZY Is it that its the LAST day of 2009! how CRAZY! Last Year this Time I was preparing to help close down the store that I use to work at! And January 11th will Be the 1 Year Mark that I Haven’t Been Working! SO Crazy this Year Has Flew By So Fast! So I’m Trying to Think of New Years Resolutions for the Year 2010 and I REALLY want to make the BEST Out of this Upcoming Year and Make it Stretch So It doesn’t feel like its Just flown by me! So Here is My List SO FAR! 😀

In No Particular Order Mind You.

1. Focus More on My Oh My Deer! as a Business Rather then A Hobby!
2. Do More Craft Shows! More then the Normal 2 A Year!
3. Blog EVERY Day and Have a Fun Tutorial Monthly!
4. Save! Save! Save! SAVE! ($$$)
5. Take Molly on LOTS More Walks!
6. Learn to Drive!
7. Exercise (Cliche New Years Resolution! I Know!)
8. Cook More!
9. Start a Pez Collection
10. Start a Supply Etsy Shop!
11. Take More Photos!
12. Try Lots of New Craft Projects!
13. Go Back to School!
14. Go to A Show!

And I’m Sure Lots More! That I Just Can’t Think Of!


Well I Hope Everyone Had an Amazing Year! Mine Was Great I Just Wish it Didn’t Go By So Fast its Kind of Depressing I Think I Could Have Done SO Much More and that Sucks! So Lets Hope This Upcoming Year I Can Cram as Much Things as Possible into and Make Everyday Amazing!

Lots of Love,


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