Wreaths, Wreaths, WREATHS

So My Craft Show is In December on the 13th at the Oregon Convention Center from 11am – 7pm! So I’ve Been Working SUPER Crazy Hard On Getting Items Ready and Organized, and I Decided this Year if I Start Early I Can Work on a Bunch of New Projects and What Not then I Can See if People Like them or Buy them, and I Can See if I Should Make More or Not! πŸ™‚ One of the Projects I’ve Been Working on Is Wreaths! I NEVER Thought I Would EVER Make Wreaths! lol! But Its Pretty Fun and SUPER Easy! I’ve Been Using Felt and Making Them into Roses and Therefore it Becomes a ‘Rose Wreath’ Here are A Couple I Finished…


And This One I Made is More Shabby Chic! I Used Yarn and Added a Few Felt Roses and Some Embellishments!

If They Don’t Sell At the Craft Show They Will Be Up For Sale in My Etsy Shop for Sure! So We’ll See! πŸ˜€ I’m Working Right Now On One More Rose Wreath it Takes About 100 Felt Roses to Make One Wreath Since the Whole Wreath is Covered in the Roses Even on the Backside! Its a Purple and Blue Theme I’ll Post a Photo Tonight When I’m Done! Then I’m Going to Make 1 Possibly 2 If I Have Enough Material to Make More of the Yarn Wreaths with Embelishments!

Well That’s It For Now!


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